Our menu has been compiled with love by our chef. Our kitchen takes into account the flavors of the different seasons and likes to add regional products to the dishes. 

The tastings is one of our great strengths, on our card you will encounter them versatile. We are not entirely unfamiliar with taking care of group arrangements. We are happy to help you with information about this.

Are you looking for a matching wine, ask for more information to our team! If you have allergies, please tell our team. Do you have questions about our menu? Contact us and we will gladly give you an explanation. Are you coming with a group? Then we have an adjusted group menu. For more information click here: group menu.


Surprise menu

Let our kitchen brigade surprise you with a delicious menu.

  • Four course surprise menu
    32.50 p.p.
    • Starter
    • Soup
    • Main course
    • Dessert
  • Five-course surprise menu
    39.50 p.p.
    • Starter
    • Entree
    • Soup
    • Main course
    • Dessert
  • Five course surprise menu
    42.50 p.p.
    • Starter
    • Entree
    • Main course
    • Cheese platter
    • Dessert


  • Bread of the week

    From our house bakery, served with herb butter, tapenade and aioli

  • Steak tartare

    Finely sliced beef with a candied egg yolk, truffle mayonnaise and crispy Parmesan

  • Vitello Tonnato

    Marinated veal roast with tuna cream, parsnip puree and puffed buckwheat

  • Carpaccio

    With roasted macadamia nuts, pesto and Parmesan cheese

  • Trio of fish

    Norwegian shrimp salad, salmon marinated with wasabi crumb, shrimp croquette

  • Trio vegetarian

    Bavarois of goat cheese, pesto hummus and mushroom croquette with a cream of porcini mushrooms


  • Lobster soup

    Creamy and full of flavor, with shrimp and spring onion

  • Mushroom broth

    With brioche bread and duxelles


  • Scallops

    With creamy celeriac and lobster foam

  • Gambas

    Baked in garlic and red pepper with chicory and lemon butter gravy

  • Turkey thigh

    With a fried ravioli filled with pulled pork, and a creamy ratatouille

- Specialties -

Dry-aged or matured meat

The maturing of meat is a process that we have known for a long time. Back in the day in the farmer’s barn, the sun and the wind dried the meat and a black crust appeared on the outside of the meat. The meat inside became deep red and extremely tender because the natural enzymes broke down muscular tissue. Nowadays this process is replicated in a controlled manner in a maturation cabinet, or dry-aging cell. In this cabinet, the air circulation is constant, with a humidity of 85% and a temperature between 0 and 1 degrees celcius. This space must be closed off from other influences. We speak of matured meat from 21 days up to 10 weeks.  While ageing in the cell, the moisture penetrates the meat to a level of up to 30% and the natura; enzymes break down the muscle tissue. This is called slow hanging and gives the meat a very tender texture and an intense flavor.

Dry-Aging at its best, Absolute indulgence!

  • Dry aged Côte de Boeuf 500gr

    Deep red Côte de Boeuf. Very full, nice taste

  • Dry aged Entrecôte

    250 grams of sirloin steak with various vegetables and pepper sauce

  • Veal shank

    Stewed with Provencal herbs with risotto and fresh truffle

Main course fish

  • Salmon fillet

    Rosé baked with various vegetables and soft mustard foam

  • Skrei fillet

    Fried winter cod, with creamy risotto and lobster foam

  • Sea bass fillet

    Baked on the skin with various vegetables and foam of red curry

  • 3-piece tongue
    Baked in butter, with lemon and remoulade sauce

Main course meat

  • Duo of lamb

    Lamb stew and rosé baked lamb rump on spicy couscous with puffed garlic gravy

  • Australian Angus steak

    Grilled steak with various vegetables and café de Paris sauce

  • Coq au vin

    Pan stewed from free-range chicken meat with various vegetables, bacon and potato muslin

  • Tenderloin

    Wrapped with serrano ham, gratinated with brie and a sauce of red port

  • Spare ribs
    Soft, finely lacquered spare ribs with traditional fries, sauces and salad
  • Saté
    Skewer of marinated chicken thighs with a roasted peanut sauce, garnish, fries and salad

Main course vegetarian

  • Cheesefondue

    Fondue of different kinds of cheese with crunchy vegetables and bread (please ask the staff for a refill)

  • Vegetarian lasagne

    Mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, tomato and cheese au gratin

  • Tortellini
    Stuffed with pumpkin and sage, with various vegetables and a sauce of puffed garlic

Our team

Our menu is not just put together. Our chef has prepared a card, presented to the team. Then we started to taste and evaluate together.
At Louis XV we work together on a high-quality menu at affordable prices with fresh products.


  • Crème brûlée
    With hazelnut, macarons and chocolate ice cream
  • Pear panna cotta
    With crumble of nuts and yogurt ice cream
  • Strawberries and pistachio
    Strawberry gel, pistachio cremeux, merengue and strawberry sorbet ice cream
  • Dessert sampler
    10.50 p.p
    A surprise of desserts
  • Cheese Platter
    12.50 p.p.

    Various types of French cheeses, including fig bread, nuts and tomato jam

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