Group menu

Champagne menu €25.50 p.p.

Oriental curry soup with or without smoked chicken
or mustard soup with spring onion and French sausage.
Main dishes:
Spare ribs Louis XV

Baked salmon fillet with a mustard foam
Rib roast with various vegetables and veal gravy
Cheese fondue served with roasted vegetables and bread
Dame Blanche
Coffee or tea

Fleury menu €28.50 p.p.

Tasting of five appetisers served with bread and herb butter
Bitter ball of 'Jambon crue' (dried ham) with mushroom mayonnaise
Steak tartare with crispy capers and herbs cream
Curry soup with chicken
Smoked salmon and crayfish
Crispy king prawns with avocado and tomato
Main dishes:
Redfish fillet baked on the skin with various vegetables and a foam of spinach

Duck breast, lightly smoked, with mushrooms, vegetables and a raspberry sauce
Grilled porto bello au gratin with a cream of goat cheese and pine nuts with mushrooms and shaved truffle cheese
Tasting of desserts


Provence menu €28.50 p.p.

Tasting of four appetisers served with break bread and herb butter
Beef carpaccio, with pine nuts, pesto and parmesan cheese
Rillette of duck with toasted bread and tomato jam
Mustard soup with French sausage
Croquette from Gamba with a cream of wasabi
Softly cooked 'catch of the day' with salad and beurre blanc
Main dishes:
Baked haddock with various vegetables and beure blanc dyed with saffron

Pork medallions with crusty toasted sauce of Madeira and green pepper
Organic potato-vegetable pie with crispy brie, pepper curou and basil olive oil
Tasting of desserts